Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our Mission

Thrive’s mission is to create a great Kiwi service company, specialising in the delivery of consistent quality cleaning and facility services.

Because we work in partnership with our suppliers, who share our passion for service, we are able to deliver the best service experience for our customers.
Thrive has taken the sustainability initiative to ensure that all our commercial carpet cleaning products are environmentally friendly yet effective.

We aim to provide commercial carpet cleaning services that will make your carpets are always well-maintained and look sparkling clean! Our top-quality commercial carpet cleaner meets all our quality assurance standards and instantly improves the look of your carpets.

Environmental Commitment

We understand that caring for the environment is a shared responsibility and we are committed to playing our part in protecting the environment. In practical terms we use environmentally friendly chemicals and try to minimise the use of critical resources such as:

Water - through use of microfibre cloths
Power – through working in one area (or floor) at a time

We’re also able to assist clients with advice on waste minimisation and recycling.
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Service Bundling:


Thrive offers a full suite of cleaning and facility services to clients. By bundling services together and purchasing multiple services from Thrive, clients benefit through:

  • A consistent standard of service across all services

  • Reduced cost

  • Simpler administration – A single invoice

  • Simpler management – A single point of contact

Thrive Provides:


+ Consistent quality service
+ A full range of services
+ Competitive pricing
+ Highly motivated, trained and stable staff
+ On-site supervision
+ Proactive not reactive
+ Self-managed
+ Local and there when you need us

We look after our people, so they look after you.

“When Quality Matters, Choose Thrive”