Everyone’s a winner

About Us

Thrive’s mission is to be New Zealand’s leading provider of cleaning and facility services.

We connect the ‘best of local’ service providers with our clients, combining our expertise, resources and proven systems with local companies who are able to deliver the best service experience for our customers.

Everyone’s a winner

Thrive’s aim is to conduct business so that ‘everyone’s a winner’ – clients, contractors and staff.

Our values are:

  • Honesty – An open and honest approach to all parties

  • Respect – Treat everyone with respect

  • Fairness – Treat others as we would like to be treated

  • Family – We are proudly a family business and strive to infuse our culture with ‘the family feel’

  • Learning – We are a learning organisation, driven by the need to constantly improve

  • Build long term relationships – With clients, staff and suppliers

Health & Safety

We take health and safety very seriously. Through policy, procedure and in practice we are actively engaged in ensuring that we protect the health and safety of our staff, clients and contractors and their respective staffs. 

Quality Assurance

Thrive uses a quality assurance programme called ‘Orange QC’, a tablet-based quality assurance programme which allows us to monitor and measure our performance. Once completed a copy of the assessment goes to the operator and another goes to the client, who can also monitor progress in addressing the issues identified and is able to provide feedback and service requests through a feature called ‘Tickets’.

Client feedback is critical, as we want to ensure that our view of service quality is closely aligned with our clients.

Environmental Commitment

We understand that caring for the environment is a shared responsibility and we are committed to playing our part in protecting the environment. In practical terms we use environmentally friendly chemicals and try to minimise the use of critical resources such as:

  • Water - through use of microfibre cloths

  • Power – through working in one area (or floor) at a time

 We’re also able to assist clients with advice on waste minimisation and recycling.

Engaged Staff

Staff engagement is one of the keys to providing consistent quality service. The industry relies on productive and motivated staff which receive little recognition and reward. Thrive’s ‘Star’ training programme is designed to address this by providing an opportunity for staff to shine and to be recognised and rewarded for the quality of their work.

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We at Thrive Services know that finding the right cleaning and facility services provider is crucial to your business appearance and success.

That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your needs, goals, and your budget.